Over the years, internet service has become just as much an essential utility like electricity and water; you can only go without it for so long. This is true for the home, and much more for any business. Back40 Wireless recognizes that our local farmers run an essential operation that supports our community and the world. However, few Internet Service Providers are providing quality internet to these business owners either because of poor infrastructure or high cost of connection. From its inception, Back40 Wireless has had the farmer in mind, and recognized the growing need for farmers to be able to have access to internet service as much as any other business in order to become more productive and profitable. With state of the art technology, Back40 Wireless can configure your farm to have internet access not just in your home, but to any of the buildings on the property. If you use wireless devices such as scanners for your inventory, we can set it up so that every device will reliably connect at every corner of the building. Or maybe you have poor cell signal in the building you work in most of the day. Most cell phones now have a feature called “WiFi Calling” giving you the ability to use a WiFi connection to make calls. We can set this up inside a building and outside as well. With our knowledge and experience, we can customize an internet service that meets your needs.
Customized Internet Service
“Connecting our home to our business. Thanks, Back 40” -- Brent Staples
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