We are a family owned business, operating out of the heart of downtown Jackson Minnesota, providing high quality and reliable rural internet service to Jackson, Cottonwood, Nobles, Martin, Murray and Brown counties in Minnesota. Also serving Osceola, Dickinson and Emmet counties in Iowa. Have you been anchored to inconsistent DSL speeds, slow Satellite downloads, and poor technical support and wonder if there is a better solution? We are that solution. We have fast and reliable service ready when you are. We have internet service packages with speeds starting at 5MB down/2MB up for $50.00 a month! We have plans that fit your need for speed... just call for specific pricing. We are currently doing installs 5 days a week, so give us a call! We work hard to provide you the internet speed you pay for.
Back40Wireless  Jackson, MN
5MB Down / 2MB Up 50.00/MO 7MB Down / 2MB Up 65.00/MO 10MB Down / 2MB Up 80.00/MO 15MB Down / 2MB Up 95.00/MO 25MB Down / 3MB Up 120.00/MO BUSINESS PACKAGES 15MB Down / 5MB Up with Static IP 110.00/MO 25MB Down / 25MB Up with Static IP * 130.00/MO OTHER FEES Installation Fee 150.00 (includes Cable and Mount) Paper Invoice Fee 4.00/ M0 Services Call 50.00/Hour Trenching underground ask for pricing
Locally Owned
“A family business that cares about the internet needs of my household.” -- Alison Stumpf
606 2nd Street Jackson, MN  56143 (507) 800-1836 Back 40 To The World Connecting Your